Posted by: Dominic Umile | 03/06/2009

Reviews Update: Gui Boratto, Telepathe, and more

My essay-length assessment of the new Gui Boratto album is here. If you have an hour, take a look. Downloads and more after the jump.

Get the gorgeous title track from Gui Boratto’s Take My Breath Away at XLR8R Magazine now. Even if you don’t count yourself as much of a techno fan, this is undeniably heady, sterling production — and really lovely. I wrote about Chromophobia for the Phoenix New Times when it came out in 2007 (disregard the part where I added a track that the album doesn’t have), and I contributed a couple of blurbs about it to the PopMatters Best of 2007 feature. Chromophobia is a must-have, and this new one, well, check it out for yourself at Boratto’s MySpace, or stream the whole thing here.

Remix Magazine ran my Telepathe review here. Dance Mother was produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, and I hear he has also produced the forthcoming solo full-length from Jealous Girlfriends’ Holly Miranda. If it sounds like the stuff at her MySpace, I’m down.

I wrote about Clue to Kalo’s record for XLR8R not long ago, and that’s here. Right click, save-as to download his “The Infinite Orphan, By the Familiars” here, at Mush’s site.

The debut album from Texas beatmaker/producer Aether is a headphones beaut. He might be taking cues from DJ Shadow and probably Boards of Canada, but other than that, it’s just really nice sound artistry that incorporates stuttering rhythms and a sharp sense of sample editing — totally rainy weekend listening. I reviewed it for Remix Magazine here, and I wrote about his label mate Diego Bernal and a FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD in another post. There is a whole mess of remixes that Aether did here, and you can also preview the record there.

Aether – Milla Ann from Diego Chavez on Vimeo.

My review of the Switch & Sinden Fabriclive mix is less than I wanted to say. I was listening to it for a while when I was compiling the review, and I should get it back on my iPod soon. It really never slows. Get any of those Sinden KISS FM sets from Mad Decent, and you’ll pick up what I’m puttin’ down here. For serious. Maybe someday The Count & Sinden’s full-length will actually come out.



  1. I heard Gui Boratto are going to add the track you added for them on the re-release of Chromophobia (and dedicate it to you.) Is that true? If it’s not, I’ve got to reTwitter.

  2. You’ll have to go ahead and re-Twitter then, sass mouth. Good times. Thanks for reading, in any case.

  3. […] you read the Whisper Council regularly (i.e., a coupl’a times per week), you might remember a post discussing Aether a while back. Aether is an experimental beatmaker whose Artifacts matches really heady hip hop and […]

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