Posted by: Dominic Umile | 03/16/2009

Close Listen: Ethan Rose, ‘Oaks’

Ethan Rose Really enjoying sounds from Ethan Rose at work. Although I admittedly can’t always determine when one track on Oaks begins or the next one ends, it really plays nicely, and maybe he didn’t intend for it to be separated anyways.

You can go here to read more about how Ethan Rose composed Oaks, and you probably should. Put simply, the Portland, Oregon-based musician explores new abstract sounds and old equipment. A dusty, roller rink Wurlitzer organ is at the center of Oaks, but the album’s long-winding, aural honey is far removed from the tones that you’d expect to get out of the instrument’s weathered keys.

Rose’s compositions sometimes ping and patter like wind chimes on the front porch, while other roads lead to a mild, rolling bed of loops and carefully managed guitar feedback. Rose used digital processing to mold an array of lulling and temperate notes from the Wurlitzer that he familiarized himself with via repairs, so that each wordless moment of Oaks is new and fascinating.


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