Posted by: Dominic Umile | 03/25/2009

March Commutes II: Jean Grae, Mokira, more

Unpredictable and a failure in inclement weather A friend recently remarked, in less words I’m sure, that the “earning” end of your life is the same no matter where you are — the cycle of getting up, commuting to work, coming home, going to bed, getting up — this begins to feel like it’s more of your existence than it actually is. These selections have been of great assistance during recent efforts to “go and earn.” Free stuff after the jump.

Jeanius I’m still buying things that I meant to buy in 2008, and I only recently picked up last year’s Jeanius album from Jean Grae, but since she and 9th Wonder actually finished it in 2005 due to sample clearance nonsense, I guess it doesn’t matter that I was late to the prom on this one. 9th’s chopped strings and bubbling bass loop change little through the closure of “This World,” and don’t speak much to his prowess as an excellent, prolific beatmaker, but it’s one of the best cuts on here nonetheless. Grae’s eloquent boasts and rampant allusions have always been top shelf, and this one is no different (Pass me on your block, will ya? / Know what I got for ya / A million stories and albums that never rock fillers). Listen via the NPR player here and check out my boy Jesse Serwer’s review here.

Sh-sh-sh-shadetekLoaded with airhorns, swiveling basslines and deep, tunneling beats, Matt Shadetek’s “Get Drunk and Lose Your Phone” podcast is severe. Listened to it Friday morning, and was able to repeat it for a while before my day got started. Zomby’s “Strange Fruit,” Matt’s Bye Haters remix of Jahdan Blakkamoore’s “Go Round Payola,” and a host of other dub and dancehall-tinged heaters line this twenty-some minute promo for March 27th’s “Dutty Artz Tropical Dance” party at Glasslands in Williamsburg, if you’re in town. Grab the mix here, now. Get Matt’s recent podcast for XLR8R here, and while you’re at it, read the feature I did on Team Shadetek a coupl’a Marches ago here.

PersonaI just filed a review of this year’s Persona album from Mokira on Type Records. It’s deceptively bookended in slowly rushing synth-based textures, but Mokira’s all over the place. A surprisingly diverse record that serves as a nice introduction to the multifaceted producer that Andreas “Mokira” Tilliander is. I’ll post an update when the review is published (UPDATEreview here); Persona will be released in April. Sample it here.

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