Posted by: Dominic Umile | 03/30/2009

Close Listen: Lotus Plaza, ‘The Floodlight Collective’

Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt serves seriously garbled, washed-out pop on his solo debut; I just picked this up and I’m really appreciating all the processed guitar and muddied, incoherent vocals.

Not unlike last year’s Atlas Sound record — the solo side project of Deerhunter singer/guitarist Bradford Cox — Lockett “Lotus Plaza” Pundt’s The Floodlight Collective is an appealing headphone listen, strewn with doubled vocal tracks that curl around a murky rush of guitar overdubs, organ, and electronic nuances. There’s definitely a throwback theme here that looks to 60s era Phil Spector-guided arrangements, even though the majority of elements at work are incredibly slow-moving compared to anything the Crystals might have done.

“Quicksand” is built around a very cohesive, bouncy rhythm section, but The Floodlight Collective’s ubiquitous fog of echo and reverb can barely keep up with that department. Pundt’s engrossing “Red Oak Way” opens the record on this note — there seem to be backup vocal harmonies everywhere, and the luminous mass of melody spreads even wider on its way out. Lotus Plaza has penned one of my early 2009 favorites, no doubt.


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