Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/03/2009

Reviews Update: Rauelsson, Addled, Speck Mountain

Here is a quick update on what records I’ve been writing about lately. Downloads and more after the jumpity jump-jump.

I recently filed a Short Take with PopMatters on Rauelsson’s two debut EPs, Tiemp De & Pacifico, which were released last year on Hush Records. Rauelsson is a folk songwriter born in Spain but based in Portland, Oregon, and his work could soon very easily slip into one of my Commute posts — the two EPs highlight his already quite impressive aptitude for mild but colorful arrangements, even as he draws from a seemingly limited stock of instruments. The stirring payoff that closes out his “Otoño Pacifico” is trimmed in banjo, harmonica, and a violin track, and features vocal harmonies from Hush cohort Laura Gibson. Download that one here. There is also a sampler mix of Rauelsson’s EPs here for download.


My brief review of Addled’s Heartbreachno EP is in the most recent print edition of Remix Magazine, and can be found online here.

Heartbreachno is a small serving of very compelling, lush techno — it saw digital release recently on the Moodgadget label, home to Calmer’s Past Is Present that you hopefully read about here. Addled’s work, as I mentioned in the Remix piece, is sleek and headphone-ready, with a strong emphasis on melody and sweeping effects. You can download “Where Am I?” from the EP here, and his remix of a One of Them track is here.

Some Sweet ReliefI’ve written about the new record from Chicago’s Speck Mountain, and that went up today at PopMatters. Download their “I Feel Eternal” here, and listen to the record when you visit the review. Read more about them at the Carrot Top Records site here.


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