Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/09/2009

Close Listen: Thunderheist

ThunderheistI’m not in love with the Thunderheist debut album, but I will say that I’ve returned to it more than a few times to take in member Graham Zilla’s sleek production — a gritty brew of hip hop/glitch electronics, funk, and straight club beats.

At the core of Thunderheist’s record isn’t exactly a manifesto built on originality; MC Isis rarely aims for anything more than cheering on a party or lethargically rattling off smutty silliness a la Spank Rock’s breakout LP. She’s at her best when she laces the clapping, deep rumbles under “LBG (Little Booty Girl)” with throaty Missy Elliott-type couplets, and on “Freddie,” which is potentially the only somewhat structured story here, seemingly an ode to a peer who’s run into a coke problem. Again, this isn’t brain science, but Isis and Zilla generate decent weekend grooves. The fine people at My Old Kentucky Blog seem to like it more than I do, and are streaming the record there. Dig into some “LBG” and think about the warmer days hopefully around the corner.


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