Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/22/2009

Close Listen: Ghislain Poirier, ‘Soca Sound System’

Soca Sound SystemI was only partly sorry to hear and report that Canadian producer/advocate-of-all-beats-global Ghislain Poirier was into dealing a different sort of electronic fare by the time his mighty No Ground Under dropped last year. I had a soft spot for the earlier stuff, but the new tracks were strong, and the Bounce Le Remix joints offered some indication that Poirier wouldn’t be dabbling in the glitchy sorcery that beckoned to me in the night when I bought Breakupdown in 2005.

Sure enough, Ghislain Poirier had been pursuing a more party-focused sound to develop the dancehall/electro hip hop grittiness of No Ground Under, with fiery guest spots and chaotic instrumentals. The follow-up, his recent Soca Sound System EP, is the most urgent, crazed thing he’s ever issued, in my opinion. There’s still a place in my heart for the ’05 LP, but this stuff is madness. While these aren’t the first Poirier tracks to emerge with shuddering, rapid soca beats at their core, this is a fine intro to the man if you’re new to his work. If you haven’t heard him do this kind of thing before, I’d recommend picking this one up when you’re able.

  • Go here to download EP track “Get Crazy.”
  • Watch a mini-documentary about Poirier here.
  • Stream the whole Soca Sound System EP by clicking here.
  • Check out Jesse Serwer’s feature on Poirier here.


  1. Yo Dominic. Good stuff. I was thinking of blogging about this, but you pretty much said it here. We gotta catch dude next time he comes down. Still never caught one of his sets.

  2. Thanks for reading, Jesse. Indeed, I’ve never checked out his live stuff. We gotta get on that; it’s probably complete mayhem! Thanks again.

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