Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/22/2009

Close Listen: The Depreciation Guild, ‘In Her Gentle Jaws’

In Her Gentle JawsI downloaded The Depreciation Guild’s free 2007 album sometime last year, listened to it, liked it, and filed it away somewhere. These things happen, and in this case, I’m glad it did.

As Brooklyn, NY’s chiptune/shoegaze-loving Depreciation Guild began in 2009 sharing bills with the heavily championed Pains of Being Pure at Heart (whose album I like, but I’m not as enamored of it as most seem to be — it’s difficult for me to remember whose music is playing when I’ve put it on), I’d seen their name in my inbox on several occasions when the press efforts for the latter had taken off. I remembered how spirited I found The Depreciation Guild’s work to be — and as there’s been an infrequent warm day during the mostly wretched tug-of-war between heavy downpours and near-frost, the muddied, brash guitars, crazy Nintendo blip patterns, and layered vocals populating In Her Gentle Jaws have come in handy. Use the link below to navigate to their record — if you have to, check out their songs first individually in the “songs” tab (“Digital Solace” and “Butterfly Kisses” are equally blissed out in a hyper new-ish M83 kind of way) before grabbing the album. And buy the Dream About Me single when it comes out.


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