Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/23/2009

Close Listen: Two Fingers

Two FingersThe debut full-length from Two Fingers is terrifying in parts, but with Amon Tobin’s name on the sleeve, I expected that I wouldn’t be sleeping as easily as I had been before I heard it.

The erratic backdrops on the Two Fingers album were built by producer Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman and renowned sound experimentalist Amon Tobin.

Brazilian-born Amon Tobin is an artist whose work for Ninja Tune is rather difficult to box-in. His impressive back catalog of productions are glued together with sampled, live, and electronic segments that bend and twist in monstrous, elastic shapes, often calling for attentive repeat listens, especially if you’re doing so via a decent pair of headphones. Tobin’s Foley Room is an absolutely essential audio experience, as I hope I intimated here. As there are other contributors who played a part in Two Fingers’ distinctively gloomy aesthetic, I won’t say much more about Tobin, except for that I strongly recommend his solo endeavors.

The vocals for the Two Fingers project were laid down primarily by North London MC Sway, with contributions from Ms. Jade and dancehall’s Cecile. Grimy, buzzing bass rumbles, metallic plinks, and hard-panned atmospherics abound on Two Fingers, and “What You Know” calls from a darkened corner where all of these elements seem to meet. With Sway’s masterfully delivered critique at the forefront, “What You Know” is my favorite for the moment.

  • Check “What You Know” here.
  • Read a well-crafted assessment of the album in Remix here.
  • There is a lot of freebies online at Amon Tobin’s web store. Get them here, but buy a record or two as well.

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