Posted by: Dominic Umile | 04/24/2009

Reviews Update: Mokira, Pig & Dan, Marc Romboy

PersonaHere is an abbreviated update on a few of the records I’ve been writing about lately. Things have been busy at the day job, so I’ve only been somewhat active in the after-work laptop world, which has largely been reserved for reading (and snacking, obviously) rather than much writing. However, I hope to take on more in the coming weeks, and I’ll keep this space updated.

I’ve heard a number of really strong albums in the past couple of months, and I’m even starting to think that I’ve experienced some things that may end up on the “Best of 2009” list.

The HeatI discussed the latest two songer from Spain-based tech house producers Pig & Dan in the PopMatters Short Takes section. The Heat EP is a recent 12″ from them, and it was issued by Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi label. It follows the Terminate single released earlier this year on Cocoon. You can listen to The Heat‘s title track here, and sample their interesting 2007 Imagine LP by visiting Halcyon online. Imagine is a great record, pairing the hefty rhythms that probably landed these guys in so many set lists with a lot of attention to microscopic production details that make for bright home-listening as well.

SystematicMarc Romboy’s Systematic Colours Volume Two is an exciting compilation of the Systematic label, which is home to a host of vibrant releases from Spirit Catcher, Stephan Bodzin, Robert Babicz, and more. The mix is loaded with fluid melodies and sleek experimentalism, and features edits from Gui Boratto, about whose 2009 marvel I’ve written here and here. Check out my review of Romboy’s Systematic serving here.

Also over at PopMatters, I wrote about the new Mokira album on Type. I added a brief post about it at the Whisper Council not long ago, as it has been making the rounds on my morning commute. Persona is lovely — it’s a series of truly ethereal pieces that morph so significantly in color from one moment to the next that I’ve found myself welcoming this at almost any time of the day…a wonderful record indeed. Sample or buy it here.


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