Posted by: Dominic Umile | 05/21/2009

Reviews Update: A.M. Architect, LD, and more

The Road to the SunLots of stuff is being heard over here. Still returning to older records occasionally, at least to take a break from “close listening,” etc. Here is an update on the recent reviews I’ve filed with PopMatters and Remix Magazine. Get your download on and all that after the jump.

I wrote about the debut record from Texas twosome A.M. Architect for Remix Magazine. If you read the Whisper Council regularly (i.e., a coupl’a times per week), you might remember a post discussing Aether a while back. Aether is an experimental beatmaker whose Artifacts matches really heady hip hop and electronic influences via his strong sampling technique and what appears to be a natural ear for melody. Aether is one-half of A.M. Architect, and while his influence is very apparent on their album, it doesn’t captivate in the manner that Artifacts does, at least not yet. Their soothing “Upon,” along with its abruptly edited string parts and glitchy beats, is available for download here.

KaikuRemix Magazine posted my recent review of the Kaiku album from Finnish artist Kiki. I believe I am more fond of Mango, the last full-length from Kiki’s label mate Sasha Funke, and I think there is a valid comparison to be made between the two records — but Kaiku has still been getting a lot of headphones love over here, regardless.

I’ve written twice recently about Hyperdub’s 2009 releases. My review of the King Midas Sound EP went up at Remix Magazine’s web site this week. The production end of King Midas Sound is helmed by Kevin Martin, and his London Zoo album under The Bug moniker was definitely a favorite of mine last year. On KMS’s Dub Heavy Hearts and Ghosts EP, Martin and vocalist Roger Robinson explore a far subtler sound than the towering beats that rattle London Zoo. Incidentally, I don’t know if I mentioned that Remix Magazine has gone from a monthly print magazine to an almost entirely online publication, publishing its print component only four times a year. Check its website daily for the timely product reviews, artist interviews, and in-depth recording analysis you’ve come to expect from them (Plug One, Plug Two, Plug One, Plug Two…).

Traumatic TimesMy brief discussion of South London-bred producer/mastering engineer LD and his Traumatic Times is over at PopMatters in the Short Takes Section. You can check out his recent Hyperdub release there, as well as a KISS FM set from April. Make it a point to check out Sonic Router — they posted an LD set from an Australian radio station for download here.


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