Posted by: Dominic Umile | 05/26/2009

Close Listen: Black Moth Super Rainbow, ‘Eating Us’

Eating UsThe general focus of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Eating Us remains along the same acid-washed lines of the Pittsburgh, PA act’s previous efforts, but the new one is definitely a louder, more robust outing than 2007’s Dandelion Gum. The vast improvement in sonic weight materializes within seconds on Eating Us — the now-six-piece band took to a studio for the first time ever, and with Dave Fridmann’s help, BMSR employed live drums and a lot more layers than we’re used to hearing from them.

A heavy reliance on vintage organs remains in the Black Moth Super Rainbow playbook, and as usual, each vocal for Eating Us was fed through the artists’ stockpile of vocoders so that no verse is without a honeyed coat of thick, robot synthesizing.

This is an enchanting record from these guys — unapologetic psychedelic pop, with muddy bass and restless keyboard lines that swish and swirl through the speaker channels like a goblet of dark wine. It wouldn’t surprise me much if I learned that “Iron Lemonade” was an outtake from the 2008 Tobacco album, the solo debut from BMSR member Tom Fec. It’s not, but like Fec’s side project stuff, “Iron Lemonade” is lethargic and gloomy “hippie horror” music; its ringing cymbals and distorted chords are almost enough to cloak the song’s odd lyrics. Check “Born on a Day The Sun Didn’t Rise” below for a very telling example of how much the base of the sound has widened and grown more lush with instrumentation. While some might long for another lower-profile recording from Black Moth, I believe that booking studio time with Fridmann was a well-managed decision — more structure and a tighter overall presentation would probably destroy another psychedelic record. Eating Us is still the work of devious, possibly deranged artists, it just sounds a lot better this time.



  1. Heard that “Born on a day…” joint from this one this week. Filthy, filthy music.

  2. Thanks for reading, GHS. What an opener, right? The drums are huge on that one. Great stuff.

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