Posted by: Dominic Umile | 06/17/2009

Reviews Update: Bibio

Ambivalence AvenueRemix Magazine published my review of Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue this week — click here to have a look at my brief piece on the record. You’ve likely read about Bibio in this space before if you’re half the Whisper Council enthusiast I’ve imagined you to be. 

The newest album from this rather productive UK sound experimentalist is quite a different trip than what Bibio has issued before, even in 2009. Ambivalence Avenue showcases an expansion of his output that now includes prominent nods to hip hop alongside his deft excursions in blissful electronica and folk.  Check out a great May 2009 interview with Bibio here. Download a sampler of Bibio’s Warp debut, and check out the recent Mush Records stuff at their site here.



  1. Hey, thanks for linking through to the Bibio interview. Great review of Ambivalence Ave. too. Cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot, Martin — and thanks for posting that really enlightening conversation with Bibio at Earz-Mag. Glad I found it!

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