Posted by: Dominic Umile | 07/03/2009

Reviews Update: Voodeux, Worriedaboutsatan

worried I’ve written short pieces in the last few weeks about some interesting new records, and some disappointments as well. For Remix Magazine, I’ve covered two new overtly atmospheric efforts that fall into the former category. The debut full-lengths from both Voodeux and a little-known UK duo called worriedaboutsatan are really compelling records if carefully arranged, enigmatic music is your thing.

As there is a lot to hear these days, I can barely get to every piece of music that comes my way. I’ve also been busy with some other things that have prevented a close dissection of every promo, as well as the records I’ve bought — I just got that Harmonic 313 LP on Warp, and haven’t been able to fully get into it yet, but it’s a nifty mess of electro hip hop, techno, and dubstep — good writeup here. Amid those in the good lot, I’ve been enjoying the Voodeux and worriedaboutsatan LPs frequently during the workday and after work.

Voodeux’s The Paranormal follows a well-liked EP from the Boston/Philly producers (veterans in the game under separate aliases) for Claude VonStroke’s label. The full-length is a frightening, horror-themed endeavor that pairs artful house and techno. Download their promo mix here, and read what I had to say here.

Arrivals is the breakout long player from Leeds, UK musicians worriedaboutsatan — despite a moniker that’s bound to have you associating them with neon-streaked hipster laptop diddlers (they’re about as far from that as possible), they’ve dealt some of the finest instrumental work that I’ve heard in 2009. Arrivals is at times a motionless, quite captivating post-rock/tech ambient hybrid. Worriedaboutsatan appear on a free Gizeh Records sampler that you can download here. Go here to read my thoughts on Arrivals.

You’ll see some more ‘reviews updates’ from me in the coming weeks, and I’ve recently written a feature piece on a new-ish artist that I’ll link to when it’s published.


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