Posted by: Dominic Umile | 07/08/2009

Reviews Update: Bowerbirds

Upper Air

The sophomore LP from North Carolina’s Bowerbirds is a grand outing that retains all of the down-home charm of their 2007 debut. My short piece on Upper Air has been posted this week at Remix Magazine. Check it out and download a track called “Northern Lights” after the jump.

Bowerbirds craft unadorned folk pop — there are acoustic guitars, accordion, piano, and little else accompanying the strong efforts on the new one. Two years ago, their Hymns for a Dark Horse (I wrote about that album here) squabbled for attention amid a crowded best-of list that packed big guns from M.I.A., Radiohead, and Arcade Fire before it saw re-release on Dead Oceans in 2008. Anyone who found favor with its authentically woodsy sound will appreciate Upper Air for the same wonderful reasons. Read my review of the new album here.

Visit the Bowerbirds’ Daytrotter sessions here, and watch some videos of them in Vienna here, or performing for lucky Lower East Side passers-by here. Right-click to download the spacious “Northern Lights” from Upper Air here, and see if you can’t visualize your friends across the bar, jubilantly tracing the track’s lazy swing with half-empty pint glasses at last call.



  1. Nice write-up.

    Anyone visiting my page might be appalled at how much I’ve been listening to this recently…

    Anyway, you missed a great show last week. You should check out the opener, Megafaun, as well. They combined Appalachian and West Coast folk with prog-rock, in the best possbile way.

  2. Thanks a lot, Travis! When do we hop on the B43 and come out to your neck of the woods?! Loving the Bowerbirds — I’m unfamiliar with Megafaun, but I will check into them asap. How about “Northern Lights”? That one should’ve been in Darjeeling Limited…

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