Posted by: Dominic Umile | 07/21/2009

Reviews Update: Holiday Shores, Cloaks, Barzin


Quick post today — I have some links to recent work after the jump for those of you who feel like reading.

PopMatters has my Barzin review up, and Remix Magazine published my brief pieces on Holiday Shores and Cloaks last week.

Cloaks’ Versus Grain is dark and agressive — definitely for the Distance-type dubstep fan (more here), while the debut from Florida rockers Holiday Shores is bathed in reverb effects and feel-good melodies (more here) — I Guess I’m Floating has a Holiday Shores video and a download for you.

And don’t forget to look into PopMatters’ Moving Citations section — new this week, it’s a very organized aggregator that pulls sharp cultural thinking — in academic and popular writing — from all over the Web.



  1. That Barzin review is whack. I like all of his albums and if anything, the songwriting is even stronger in this one. And it has had loads of great reviews. Even Mojo made it album of the month. 5/10? No WAY.

  2. Thanks for your contribution, Mike — I’m actually quite a fan of ‘My Life in Rooms,’ as I hope I communicated here, back in 2006. I felt as if the new one was quite a shift from what made his previous outing so wonderful — it was as if all of the compositions on the new one were steered in a direction that pointed toward a more digestible venture, in lyrics and in instrumentation, in lieu of the enigmatic approach that did him so well three years ago. Again, that’s just my take. Thanks again for chiming in.

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