Posted by: Dominic Umile | 08/03/2009

Close Listen: The Gaslamp Killer, My Troubled Mind EP

my troubled mindThe Gaslamp Killer is one of the promising new-ish artists out on the West Coast who’ve been spotlighted by Mary Anne Hobbs, who’ve been holding down a residency at the Low End Theory party, and who’ll probably issue something on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder or the Alpha Pup label — you know the type. If not, don’t sleep on this talent. My Troubled Mind is a crafty dose of alien, Halloween-ready beat music. Downloads and details below.

The Gaslamp Killer’s My Troubled Mind is a short debut EP for the Los Angeles-based producer/DJ, but its handful of beats suggests a wealth of creativity at the helm. The new stuff is loaded with both unsettling electronic futurism (fans of FlyLo’s Los Angeles, take note) and classic hip hop sensibility. GLK places strong emphasis on warm synth lines and hard drum breaks — his “Ruskie Electric” ripples with moogs and an urgent undercurrent, while “Anything Worse” seemingly cribs the brief and sinister keyboard progression from Mobb Deep’s “Cobra” that you may also remember from Clipse’s We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 (I’m beaten to the punch elsewhere on this, and I actually thought I was making some kind of groundbreaking allusion). “Anything Worse” is the longest, most interesting experiment here, with drum changeups and provocative sample layering. Indeed, GLK delivers on the “digging” end, too — all vinyl crackles are kept intact for My Troubled Mind, and the EP is bookended by dollar-crate-driven psyche, so every brand of beat music advocate is satiated.

  • Download My Troubled Mind track “Anything Worse” here.
  • Get a download of the Gaslamp Killer’s first mix CD, Gaslampin’ here.
  • Download his We Make It Good series contribution here, which features selections by Bullion, Jaylib, Samiyam and more.

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