Posted by: Dominic Umile | 08/07/2009

Close Listen: Yagya, ‘Rigning’

The early ’09 release from Icelandic ambient/minimal dub techno producer Yagya is one of this year’s unsung treasures. Rigning is set against a backdrop of pouring rain along with thunder that you can almost feel rattling your windowpane. Nature’s elements are actually more of a launch pad than a backdrop, though — between Yagya’s atmospheric compositions, a range of precipitation filters in, and sometimes the grey skies even find their way into the track’s final mix.

Rigning is balanced and cohesive — its expansive tides of hiss and hypnotic kick will lure fans of the Echospace label into the fold, while a wealth of motion and new ideas “up front” keep even the peripheral dub techno appreciator (like myself) absolutely enchanted. While I’d rather associate bouts of inclement weather with lengthened commutes and dysfunctional umbrellas (and then subject any readers of the Whisper Council to this incessant whining), Yagya’s perpetual rain is an apt canvas for this work.

In wilting synth washes and abrupt, disconnected playground voices on “Rigning Brju,” (each track name is prefaced with the album title, which translates to “rain”), Yagya’s most straightforward track is in constant motion. The gentle pulse at its base nudges the churning melody along, while chords splinter and spray with long-trailing echoes behind them. When the nearby chatter and runoff water returns to the forefront here and there, Yagya’s composition grows truly displacing, and you’ll find yourself peeking out the window for more lousy weather. Thankfully, for now, the sounds are just the resonant pieces that line this deeply lush record.

  • Listen to Rigning here.
  • Buy the Rigning album here.


  1. Rigning is indeed an unsung treasure – loved it.

  2. Agreed — it gets better with every listen. Thanks so much for reading, and I appreciate your comment.

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