Posted by: Dominic Umile | 08/20/2009

Features Update: Nosaj Thing

DriftMy feature piece on West Coast producer Nosaj Thing went live at PopMatters today. I’m more or less taking a short leave from the laptop for a couple of days, but I wanted to point readers to this story because a) it’s the first feature I’ve worked on in a little while and I really liked looking into Nosaj Thing’s productions and history, and b) he just put out one of the most interesting beat records I’ve heard in at least the last couple of years. More links and downloads after the jump.

As consistent with the PopMatters ‘Now Hear This!’ series,  I hoped to throw a little spotlight on one of the artists out there that hasn’t seen very much press, and whose work warrants a close, attentive listen. Nosaj Thing is part of a collection of mind-bending producers in California that have really begun to kick up dust — I posted about him here a little while back, and Stereogum/The Fader has a new track from him here. I’m really enjoying his debut album, Drift, which saw release in June on Alpha Pup. My feature and some downloads are here, and check out everything else they’ve got going on at PopMatters today.



  1. Nice piece, Dominic. I like the intro about him working at Guitar Center. Also like the fact that you reached out to Daddy Kev for some quotes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much for reading — I really liked the Q&A you guys had over there. Looking forward to visiting your site regularly from now on. Thanks again for checking this out, and I appreciate the comments!

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