Posted by: Dominic Umile | 02/26/2010

Published Elsewhere: Mike Cooper

Rayon HulaMike Cooper offers copious lap steel guitar that soothes and transfixes on his experimental, ambient Rayon Hula; it colors an already-unearthly wash of sampled birdsong and field noises that the British guitarist/producer collected in monsoonal Queensland, Australia. At the album’s lo-fi base is evidently a tribute to exotica, a warm, provocative genre born in Hawaii, back when it “really might as well have been another planet, a distant clime ripe for exploration” (“Exotica: It Takes A Village,” Nate Chinen, 23 September 2009). Read the rest of my review at PopMatters, and check out all of the other stuff they’ve got going on over there today, too.


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