Posted by: Dominic Umile | 09/27/2010

Close Listen: Loden, ‘Buggy’

BuggyBeen finally settling into a lot of records (some that I’ll be reviewing elsewhere) after a trip abroad. I imagine the end-of-year conversations about beat records this year are probably going to be lengthy and fascinating, as a new, pretty decent collection pops up so frequently. Speaking of which, anyone getting their lists together yet? On Mush Records, Loden’s unpredictable Buggy follows the Netherlands-born producer’s 2007 debut LP for the label.

Assembled DJ set-style, Buggy is expansive and not for the one-track minded listener. Jolan “Loden” Koks is still partial to the washed-out BOC/M83-influenced electronic sounds he explored on 2007’s Valeen Hope, but there is more glitch in the brew now, as well as a slew of other new ideas.

Those who haven’t had their fill of the techno/instrumental hip hop purveyors responsible for L.A.’s now sound will likely find a lot to unpack in Buggy, from Koks’ bottomless kick drums in “Fantast” and “Weather Ready” to the more club-centric, fizzing keyboard lines and vocoders that unveil themselves in “Yags.” Rather than a trendy detour into the more prominent endeavors that occupy message board exchanges these days, Koks nods at classic turntablist tricks — remember those? His efforts to color what’s already a provocative set of beat music are artful and refreshing. Koks cuts bright synth brass into both “Sunday Sierra Boxes” and the aptly titled sci-fi film score-ready “My Face Came Off.” While Buggy can border on inconsistent and its many directions can also prove dizzying, it’s mostly a pleasure. For anyone who was wondering when a new Loden record would surface, Koks’ efforts to expand on a solid first record are evident, and his sophomore album was worth the wait.

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  • Check out the whole album at Bandcamp
  • FREE STUFF: Don’t know how long this will last, but Mush Records is offering Loden’s Valeen Hope digitally for FREE, now


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