Posted by: Dominic Umile | 12/13/2012

Elsewhere: Ed Brubaker’s ‘Scene of the Crime’

Scene-of-the-Crime_HCScene of the Crime isn’t as rich with the noir-ish doses of shadow that would flood Ed Brubaker stories in the years to come, but this late 1990s four-issue DC/Vertigo miniseries in some sense birthed the universe of grifters, drug runners, and unlucky bar flies who populate those scripts. Scene spawned the fertile working relationships between the writer, artist Michael Lark, and Sean Phillips, who was brought in to ink the last three issues. These partnerships have arguably yielded some of the best-received genre offerings in recent history (Criminal, Fatale, Gotham Central, more), and you can trace them all back to this heavy little story. Read more at PopMatters.



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