Recent Published Work

meSome Features and Music Criticism, 2007-11

Tycho, feature review: The Brooklyn Rail, Dec 2011

Sepalcure, feature review: PopMatters, Dec 2011

Beats Working #3, column: Blurt, Sept/Oct 2011

‘Ernest Hemingway, Reporter,’ article: PopMatters, August, 2011

Infinitirock (and library music), feature review: PopMatters, August, 2011

Beats Working #2, column: Blurt, June 2011

Dominik Eulberg, feature review: PopMatters, May 2011

J-Rocc, feature review: The Brooklyn Rail, April 2011

Steffi, record review: PopMatters, March 2011

Beats Working, column: Blurt, March 2011

‘Botticelli, Sandwiches Outside, and Dreams of Bradbury’s ‘Dandelion Wine,’ essay: PopMatters, March 2011

Sepalcure, feature review: PopMatters, February 2011

Ryan Davis, record review: PopMatters, January 2011

Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga!, feature review: PopMatters, January 2011

Teebs/Shigeto, feature review: The Brooklyn Rail, December 2010

SBTRKT, record review: PopMatters, November 2010

Darkstar, record review: Blurt, November 2010

‘Ray Bradbury Wrote Me Back,’ feature: PopMatters, November 2010

Scuba, feature review: PopMatters, March 2010

Eluvium, record review: Blurt, February 2010

DeepChord Presents: Echospace, record review: Blurt, June 2010

Tamaryn, record review: Blurt, September, 2010

Skream, feature review: PopMatters, September 2010

Four Tet, record review: Blurt, January 2010

Kode9/James Holden, feature review: The Brooklyn Rail, June 2010

Clubroot, record review, PopMatters, May 2010

Falty DL, feature review: The Brooklyn Rail, November 2009

Nathan Fake, feature review: PopMatters, May 2009

2562, record review: Blurt, November 2009

Nosaj Thing, feature: PopMatters, August 2009

Gui Boratto, feature review: PopMatters, March 2009

Calmer, feature: PopMatters, March 2009

Boys Noize, feature: Remix Magazine, January 2008

Guilty Simpson, record review: Broward-Palm Beach NT, April 2008

Benga, record review: Broward-Palm Beach NT, June 2008

Atlas Sound, feature review: PopMatters, February 2008

Miwon, record review: XLR8R Magazine, December 2008

Ill Insanity, record review: PopMatters, February 2008

DJ Jazzy Jeff, feature: Remix Magazine, July 2007

Mike Relm, feature: Orlando Weekly, February 2007

Rob Swift/Thisish Vol. 1, feature review: Orlando Weekly, March 2007

Amon Tobin, record review: Dallas Observer, April 2007

Rockford Kabine, record review: PopMatters, November 2007

Richard Swift, feature: New York Press, April 2007

Bowerbirds, record review: Orlando Weekly, July 2007

Miho Hatori, feature: Remix Magazine, January 2007

Caribou, feature: Remix Magazine, September 2007

Team Shadetek, feature: XLR8R Magazine, March 2007

Thes One, record review: XLR8R Magazine, January 2007

Dntel aka Jimmy Tamborello, feature: Remix Magazine, June 2007

J Dilla/Detroit Hip Hop, feature: Orlando Weekly, March 2007

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